ECSA Season Championship

Eligible juniors need to sail four events to qualify (Regatta Toolbox scored ECSA events plus The Dinghy Race (for 420s).  Each day of The Dinghy Race counts as a separate event.  Fun regattas, green fleets, team racing will not count.  The winners will be chosen by new ECSA Jr series scoring.  Finishes are awarded points based on percentage of fleet that they beat. For example, if a sailor wins a regatta they get 100 points plus points are awarded based on fleet size (finish points+fleet size * finish percentage /5).  The sailors keep their highest four event scores and add them together for their season total score.  Scoring examples for different fleet sizes are here:


Awards will be given out as follows:

  • Top five 420’s skippers and crew.
  • Top three RWB Opti sailors in each class.
  • Top three girls in the 420 and Opti overall fleet.

The awards will be announced and presented at the end of season ECSA Junior Award Banquet.


2017 ECSA 420 Results

2017 – ECSA – Opti Results

ECSA 2016 420 Season Results

ECSA 2016 Opti Season Results

420 ECSA Season Champion – Rod Johnstone Trophy

1st Skipper Lily Flack Wadawanuck/NESS/MudRatz
1st Crew Caelan Desmond Wadawanuck/NESS/MudRatz

Opti RED ECSA Season Champion

Tristan Chang WHYC

Opti BLUE ECSA Season Champion – Austin LaFrance Trophy

Ryan Garraty WHYC

Opti WHITE ECSA Season Champion

Carly Solomon RIYC

420 ECSA Girls Season Champion

Lily Flack Wadawanuck/NESS/MudRatz
Caelan Desmond Wadawanuck/NESS/MudRatz

Opti ECSA Girls Season Champion

Brooke Barry NESS